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Aliens Are Joining The Intern. Space Station

In the opening sequence of the movie Valerian (and the city of a thousand planets), eventually friendly alien species end up docking to the International Space Station. It becomes an Intergalactic metropolis for a 1000 different alien species where they all live happily together, exchanging knowledge and culture. 

I wanted to give aliens the chance to dock to the LEGO City Lunar Space Station 60227. I designed 3 alien spaceships with 1 or 2 compatible/modular side-openings to dock to sections of the Lunar Space Station, other compatible Lego City Space sets or the alien spaceships. The set would come with a similar centre gateway as the Lunar Space Station, so it also works as a stand-alone set. It would not come with the human modules.

The set is not based on designs of the movie Valerian or characters in any way, only the concept of friendly aliens docking the International Space Station. The set would come with 3 or 6 Minifigures of 3 different alien species. Of course you don't have to dock the alien spaceships, you can also just have fun flying them around.

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