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Egyptian Sunset

It is time to go back in time to the great sands of Egypt. Instead of packing up and buying a time machine you can admire the great pyramids in your own room. Admire the Egyptian sunset with the beautiful rays in the shy. See the Cyprus trees blow in the wind. Watch ancient ships sail across the Nile to deliver supplies for the construction of the pyramids I present to you a beautiful ancient Egyptian sunset made of lego. I Advise 1/4 inch of nail sticking out to prop the painting. Wait! There is more,
So you probably clicked on this idea just to take a close of view of this art or the other person in the room. You are probably thinking. "Why should anybody want or buy a block and ugly Lego painting when you can just buy a real painting on Amazon or eBay." Keep this in mind, there are always treasures waiting to be discovered. So if you dislike painting and would rather support an cool Egyptian Temple. You are in luck. Just flip to the back of the painting and you will see an epic stone carved temple. There are four main rooms. One for the pharaoh throne room. He could eat his yummy exotic bird snack or he can sit there and focus on ruling his empire. The second room has treasures from gold coins to statues. In the top left corner you would see the mummy room. It has two brick built sarcophagus. Wait, one is broken! There is a mummy on the prowl. The top right room is a storage room with old pots and buckets. Probably has spices or mummy organs! The whole temple is decorated with stone carvings and hieroglyphics. Look at the layers in the stone. Pretty cool. Not impressed? There is still more! You can pop out the cool or ugly painting to get more access to those rooms. This allows you to change the mummies position with less effort. You get a great view of the temples marvelous treasures. There are two secret rooms behind the fancy layered rock. The eye of Horus might give it away though. The right secret room has a small table with a model of the two pyramids that are being built on the painting. This set has a total of 636 pieces. There is more! Okay no, that is it. I hope that you enjoy this build and with your support this treasure can be discovered in your local toy store.

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