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Yokai- Watch Whisper


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Hello everyone, this is Yo Kai Watch moc of Whisper.

Its design: Whisper is a white cartoony ghost with a huge blue smile. Like Jibanyon , Whisper doesn't have a pupil.

Story: Long ago whisper was banished into a capsule machine by a man, only to be awakened again by a boy named Nate. As thanks to Nate, Whisper promised to be his yo kai butler.

Why you should support? Well, the answer is simple, because this moc actually looks like Whisper.       Anyway, would it really hurt to support? The only valid excuse why you wouldn't support this is,  "You hate Yo Kai Watch". If that is your excuse I feel very bad. Please support this project and have a great day! Also comment which Yo kai character you want the next!

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