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Life Sized Anglerfish

Anglerfish (order Lophiiformes) are one of the most iconic deep sea fish. Anyone would recognize their huge mouths, dangling bioluminescent lure, and short, fat body. And so, since I enjoy making Lego deep sea* animals, I figured that I had better make a very well known one.

    So here I have made an anglerfish, the design of which is partially based on Ceratias holboelli. I couldn't really make the lower jaw posable, but all of the fins and the illicium* are. There is also a small fish, the anglerfish's prey, which is held up by clear pieces and set to look like it's looking at the lure.
The transparent base is also on a turntable.
    I think that this would make a great set because, while some people find it gross/weird/horrifying, it is very well known and iconic of the deep sea. I built this for fun.

*An anglerfish's lure is divided into two parts; the illicium (Latin for fishing pole) is the rodlike part that connects directly to the body. And the esca (Latin for bait), which is the glowing lure at the end of the illicium.

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