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BrickHeadz Dol Harubang

BrickHeadz Dol Harubang
This is BrickHeadz Dol Harubang(or Dolhareubang).
Dol Harubang is a traditional folk stone statue from Jeju Island in Korea. This stone statue is made by carving out basalt which is common ingredients in Jeju Island. Dol Harubang has bulging eyes without pupils, a large and broad nose, and a slightly smiling face, with its hand resting on its belly.
The name "Dol Harubang" is a word meaning "stone grandfather" in the Jeju language. In standard Korean, it would be "Dol Harabeoji". Dol Harubang is a symbolic character representing Jeju Island, and is sold as a representative souvenir of Jeju Island and is also widely used to promote Jeju Island.

width x length x height : 5.6 x 5.8 x 10.7
Total Pieces : 103 

Reason I built this set
I built this set because I wanted to promote the little-known local culture of Korea to the world through LEGO, rather than the traditional Korean culture that is widely known overseas.

Reason why I believe this would make a great LEGO set
Koreans usually display Dol Harubang souvenirs in places such as bookcases or shelves. And the BrickHeadz size perfectly matches with those souvenir's size.
I think that Dol Harubang, which is usually just bought at a souvenir store and displayed, would become a more valuable souvenir if you could assemble it by yourself with Lego bricks and place it on a bookshelf or shelf. So I think this "buildable" Dol Harubang would make a great LEGO set.
Thank You.

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