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The Dragon’s Donut

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After their many adventures in the kingdom of Ivinan, the three heroes have decided to take a donut break. There’s only one place in the kingdom with donuts worthy of these three heroes: The Dragon’s Donut! But the place is not always as peaceful as it seems... for Zelmek, the dark barbarian, has stolen the heroes’ well-earned treats! Avanda, the ranger, steadies her bow. Fendrel, the fighter, prepares his sword and shield. Elise, the barbarian, takes a sip of her extra-strong, extra-creamy cappuccino, and then prepares her greatsword. And the cook... freaks out and silently whimpers for his mommy. Will the heroes retrieve their stolen goods? Will Zelmek get away with the half-dozen glazed? Will the cook get to complete his delivery? Only you can decide!


Disclaimer: this set has no interior. If it did, though, the roof would cave in. Hopefully you can forgive us for that.

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