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This is the small old house and workingplace of the stonemason. The house is located in a very lonely and dry area, away of any village. There are living three minifigures: the stonemason, her little baby and her mother. The father of the baby died in the last war.
The stonemason works very much in order to get enough food for her baby and her mum.
They have a fountain to get water to drink. But to get something to eat, they have to walk long time to the next village. Sometimes they are lucky and some people who want to have something of the stonmasons work bring gold or other things to pay like food, clothing or firewood. The mum of the stonemason helps where she can. She take care of the baby, she cooks, she sweeps the floor in the house and she makes fire in the oven. In some time the child are going to be old enough to learn and to work and to support their mum and grandmum.
Let’s hope they live a long time. 

I put very much time in this building to let it look exactly what a want it to be and I am very happy with it. I want that it looks old, dry, lonely, independent, detailed but not exaggerated and also realistic. So, all building techniques, the colours, the theme looks like in my mind.
But if you have something in your mind to improve, I would be happy to read about it in the comments. 

If you like this building, I would be happy if you support me.
Thank you very much!

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