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Simpsons Scenes


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My design shows four different well known Simpsons scenes. Every scene can be built separately so they can be rearranged and displayed individually. They're mainly display pieces, but are open and accessible so they can also be played with.


"I will not use illegal building techniques, I will not use illegal building techniques"

Bart famously writing something on the chalkboard at school. The design could be improved with alphabet stickers or prints on the yellow tiles above the chalkboard.


The world's best safety inspector is "working hard" at the nuclear power plant. There are a lot of gauges, screens, lights, I'm sure Homer has it under control.

Android's Dungeon

Aye caramba! Bart, who's probably up to no good, is skating past Comic Book Guy's shop checking out the newest merch. This design could likely be improved with some nice matching printed tiles or a 1 stud larger trans-clear panel.

Simpsons Couch

Homer is doing what he does best: watch TV on the beloved couch. Of course a print or sticker of the famous boat picture above the couch is missing.

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