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Brick City Zoo

I believe LEGO needs a Zoo and this would make a great set because it's fun to put together and play with. It also helps the children to learn more about the animals and their habitats. The Health Center and the Zoo is made to treat endangered wild animals and bring awareness about endangered species. 

The Brick City Zoo consists of 6 different parts:

    - The Zoo entrance. It has two waiting lines, one bird, a big Zoo sign and two trees. The set comes with 8 minifigures - 3 zookeepers, a family of 3, a vet and a popsicle stand vendor.

    - The monkey and chameleon enclosure. It has a bucket of food, a feeding door into the chameleon's cage, a tire for the monkeys. The enclosure has one chameleon, two monkeys and one parrot.

    - The penguin enclosure. It has a bucket of fish and one penguin (the other penguin is in the health center). 

    - The Health Center. It has one bed, a sink, a weighing machine a table. It also has a vet and the other penguin.

    - The center tree sitting area. 

    - The ice cream stand. It has two popsicles and an ice cream vendor.

The sets all together consist of 654 pieces. 

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