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There seems to be very few, if none at all, sets dedicated to Touring Car Racing.

I hope this set can fill that void so fans of the many tin top series around the world can enjoy a recreation of their beloved sport in Lego bricks.

This set comprises of a start scene for something akin to a street circuit.

There is only one pit service box (using the T-junction Base Plate) in which either of the 4 teams can service their car.

Each team has 3 members. The manager (sitting in the elevated box similar to Monaco) a sole pit crew member and a driver. The pit crews are congregated at each end of the box, with each end having it's own tool, pit stop lolly pop and monitor. 

Up top there is also a race director, who has his own monitor and keyboard, and a camera woman sits atop the roof of this complex.

Across from the pit area is the full length grandstand for many mini figures to cheer on the drivers.

The teams are simply Black, Blue, Red and Yellow. Each car has essentially the same chassis, so to speak, but wit it's own unique front end. The driver has a couple of warning lights and a little screen showing speed and some buttons.

The set in total has 696 pieces.

I hope you enjoy it.

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