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Functional Pool Table

A lifelike pool table with a functional ball return and detailed to the brim !

This is a reimagined version of my previous functional billiards table. I have learned a lot of new building techniques and gathered a lot of experience in the past year, so I decided to tackle this project again.

Inner Workings
Slides take up most of the space inside. They are placed and angled carefully to maximise the speed and ability for the ball return. The cue ball is smaller and falls into a smaller slit on the slide to return to its side. A sliding door (Image 7) opens the path from the ball collector for the 15 numbered balls to return to their side.

Also included is two guys enjoying a game of pool on a micro version of the pool table !

Rubber cushions run on the perimeter of the playing area. Two sets of hooks protrude from the table to hold the cues when not in use. A small shelf, flush with the table, holds the chalk. The ball collector and the playing area is removable.

•Two pool cues
•One cue ball
•15 numbered balls

I wanted to build something with some type of functionality that allow you to have a lot more fun. It can be used to play with or just be displayed, either way it shows what fun things you can do with Lego !

Extra Info
Pieces: 1 614
    Size: ( See Image 10)

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