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Brickheadz Otter

Watch out, a river otter is swimming on your screen.

This brickheadz model reflects some cool facts about otters.

First, otters are excellent backstroke swimmers, and in this model, he can perfectly lie on the brickheadz base (the base fits perfectly in the gap between the back of his head and his tail). I have proved it with the build I made, and now it is lying on my desk everyday. I have to admit that it is so relaxing to watch it lying there vibing when you are stressed out with your work. I also chose the lying position as the cover picture so you can also feel the vibe.

Second, since otters can stand on two feet, this brickheadz model can also stand on his base, like all brickheadz, of course.

Third, otters are known for collecting objects like shells and stones and later playing with them, so this model has a place on his chest where he can hold his collection. The default object is a shell, his favorite. And the model comes with other objects like love heart, so it can also be a great gift for Valentines' Day. Now let's practice: would you be my "significant otter"?

Hey, if you enjoy this model, please support and share with "each otter". Thanks!

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