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Modular Dollhouse

Young girls love to play with dolls, young boys rather tend to construct things (before destructing them). This way, they just can’t really play together. But what if we mixed up their hobbies? What if the boy played with dolls and the girl constructed? What a crazy world! Or let’s see! Well, that’s exactly what they can do now with this brick-built doll house. Instead of stereotypical dolls, we’ve got minifigures; instead of always the same wooden house, we’ve got dozens of modules which can be assembled in nearly any kind of way. What does this mean? Oh, that’s easy: No one will ever get annoyed. You can always reconstruct the house for playing a completely other story.

All walls are simply clicked together with the floors, so you’ve got a stable yet easily removable façade. The tiling of the floor can be changed just as desired, thanks to jumper plates giving just a little amount of clutch power. The detailed furniture is completely loose (except in rooms with plates on the floor) so you can put it wherever you want. Thanks to the high modularity, you can always extend or reduce the size of your personal doll house. With your own bricks, you might want to add some other interior, a few rooms or maybe a garden. No problem. The modules can be connected and furnished also with other parts. What about a dining room, A lawnmower? That’s completely up to you!

I’ve built the model with 2933 parts, 4 minifigures and 1 baby, so in total with 2951 parts. All parts are existing in the used colours (except of part 27928 in white used for the spaceship). The doll house measures 41 x 30 x 40 studs and weighs 3310g (of course, only if it is assembled as shown in the first images).

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