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Italian truck


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The projects follows the theme of the transports and the model can be represented in different versions; in this one we have a 2 axles tractor. The full set includes a 2 axles semi-trailer with the container.
Among the different versions, there are: the 3 axles oversize load tractor, the 2 or 3 axles trailer truck with the dump, trash transport, and more.

It's the scale reproduction of a IVECO truck from the 90s; the model is completely built with original LEGO pieces and it's suitable for every age group. In this version the model is black with inserts and wheel rims in white, together with the semi-trailer of the same colours.

The model has the opening roof, to facilitate the placement of the minifigure; opening doors, adjustable rear-view mirrors, steering front wheels, both the axles have separate dampers, hook for foldable and rotating trailer (to allow a fluid movement with the trailer hooked), flippable cabin to display the motor, glove compartment with fire extinguisher and other accessories like lights, antenna, wrench etc.
The trailer has suspensions, adjustable easel for the placement without tractor and specific grapples to hook the container.

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