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Ringwraith on Horse Display Model with Storage Compartment


Here is The Lord of the Rings model that I have been working on.  It includes a Ringwraith on its horse which is rearing in the air, and it is on a nice display stand.  The stand has jagged sides and a smooth top, which makes it look kind of like Mordor architecture.  It also includes four gold ring pieces, one of which could be The One Ring itself - the one the Ringwraiths are searching for.  The small storage compartment, that makes up part of the display stand, can hold anything that is the same size or smaller than a two-by-four Lego brick. 

The reason I built this model is because I love The Lord of the Rings, and I wanted to build some sort of Lego model from it.  I had a Lego Ringwraith minifigure on its horse, sitting on my desk, and I thought it would be cool, to make a display model with it.  I also wanted to build another model that I could post as a product idea, and I wanted another fun Lego project to work on too.

I think this model would make a great Lego set because The Lord of the Rings is a popular movie and book series.  This model would also make a great display piece for any fan of Lego and The Lord of the Rings, because it isn't too big.  It is a pretty cool and unique model that would surely tell anyone that saw it that you were a fan of Lego and of The Lord of the Rings.  You could also store some sort of small valuable item in it, and if you never told anyone about the storage compartment, then no one would probably ever find it.  Not even Sauron himself! 

Thanks for checking out my model, and please support it.  Go check out my other models and support them too.   

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