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A Day in the Past...


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Hello and welcome to a moment that could have occurred a day in the past. We are talking about the moment when electric light made its appearance.
The diorama is set at the end of the 19th century where a candle manufacturer, who after a time, returns to a small town to do business again. But the neighbors already enjoy electric light.”

 After a few cups of tea with his old acquaintances, he is encouraged to continue his path and include light bulbs in his company.
 About the model:

Recreated on plates and wedge plates, an access control booth rises with the necessary elements to stand guard for long days. The shed can be illuminated thanks to a Light Brick (pic10) that is activated from the side of the roof and is deployed to have better access to the model.

On the other side of the sand and stone road is a small rise with a rabbit warren and a large leafy mulberry tree with its fruits ready to eat. A local woman walks through the area and often distributes milk from her cows to the guard of the shed.
The electric poles are an important part of the model since they represent how electricity is transported to the most remote areas, and as an example, a shed in the middle of the field.

Regarding the truck, it is one of the first to be manufactured at that time and as a curiosity it is interesting to know that the first vehicle lights were lighting with kerosene until the arrival of the first vehicle batteries.

 A model that barely reaches 2000 pieces including three minifigures, two birds, two rabbits, a dog, a cow, a squirrel, and a bee that you will have to look for among the images 😊

I hope you like it and enjoy the model as much as I have enjoyed the design. Thank you so much!

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