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The Simpsons House (Modular)

Who doesn't know the most famous American family in the world, which has been with us since the early 90s? I'm talking about The Simpsons. This magnificent Lego set will give us the opportunity to build their house in every detail. You will have the opportunity to discover what is hidden in every corner of the numerous rooms present, easily recognizable also from the plan of the two floors that you find in the photos. There will also be a gem, the almost unknown secret room, called rumpus room (a room that, in 30 years of TV show, has been seen for a few moments, only in five episodes). Have fun finding every painting, ornament and distinctive object of the characters, including the two cars (you will notice from the photos that in Marge's station wagon there is even Maggie's small steering wheel).

The set consists of three levels for a total of 2994 bricks: the first is composed of the ground floor and the garage. The second is the sleeping area, where we mainly find the bedrooms. The third and last is the roof. The second and third levels have a sliding mechanism, which allows you to see inside the house.

Due to the maximum limit allowed, I was forced to choose only a few photos, excluding some details such as the fireplace in the living room, the bathroom in Homer and Marge's room, the piano, the iconic TV that we can only glimpse from behind, every wardrobe and others small details in the kids' rooms like Lisa's sheet music or Bart's baseball bat.

The mechanism designed to fit together the two floors and the roof consists of creating a place in each floor, which allows the insertion of the upper floor, ensuring that it cannot move.

The idea of ​​creating this lego set was born the day when, watching an episode of this beloved TV series, I realized how much that family is so similar to all of us, same laughter, same vicissitudes, same problems, same way of live, same everyday life. And then there is that wonderful house, full of rooms, even two living rooms and a huge garden.
I won't be able to live in it, but why not imagine having one all to yourself to collect and put in a showcase?

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