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Medieval Castle


The Medieval Castle is bustling with energy! With over 1000 pieces, this castle is one 32x32 baseplate large and 3 stories tall. It features a working entry gate hat can be raised by a winch in top, removable floors to have easy playability, a dungeon with prison cell, a kitchen with light up oven, and a bedroom with a bed fit for a king. It uses a variety of parts to achieve the weathered look of an old castle and had 2 horse stalls for the King’s horses and an archery target for his knights to practice their aim. It also is flying it’s flag on top of the entry gate. It took over 60 hours to build freehand, without instructions or a digital design file, and was previousally being displayed at the LEGO Store in Fashion Valley, San Diego, California. All the floors come off easily to enhance the ability to play within it and has an open courtyard for scenes to be created.

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