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The Sunken Ship


Years ago, a pirate ship, the Architeuthis, sunk just off the shore. On board were a few bottles, a treasure chest, 1 pirate (the rest got off safely), a few cutlasses, and some spilled treasure. Now, it has been rediscovered by 2 divers, except now, it has more life forms on and around it... 

This set shows the aforementioned ship and life forms. The Architeuthis's mast has collapsed, one of its 2 cannons is a bit dented, and one of the pirate cutlasses has somehow gotten stuck in a chain. Most of the gold detail is missing or ruined, and the bowsprit looks to be on the point of collapsing. As for the life forms, there are the 2 divers, a crab, a few fish, a starfish, a sea snake, and even a manta ray! There are also several places where I used advanced teqniuqes, such as the bent mast and the pole holding up the lantern on the back. A pirate skeleton is by the ships wheel, and one of its arms is holding a cutlas. This set is highly detailed and playable, so it would make a great set for those reasons. I built this set just for fun, but it would still be great as a set.

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