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NOAA P-3 Orion Hurricane Hunter (Kermit Sky Hopper)


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The Hurricane Hunters have been flying into hurricanes since 1944, giving valuable data to computers to help forecasters make their predictions of how strong the hurricane will be, when and where it will make landfall. The P-3 Orion flies through the hurricane repeatedly in a 8-10 hour mission, getting battered by very strong winds, torrential rains, violent up drafts and down drafts before entering the calm eye of the storm. Scientists on the aircraft deploy Global Positioning System dropwindsondes as the plane flies through the hurricane. These instruments continuously transmit measurements of pressure, humidity, temperature, wind direction and speed as they fall toward the sea, providing a detailed look at the structure of the storm an it's intensity. If you want to see photos of what it looks like in the eye of a hurricane. Google: Inside the eye of a hurricane. :)

Now, about the Lego P-3 Orion. It is around 600 pieces and very durable. It has a detachable landing gear and spinning props. It is very playable and is very much a candidate for display.

Please support me and make this beautiful research plane a reality!

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