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UCS Bionicle Toa Tahu


I would like to have a UCS (Ultimate Collector's Edition) version of the original lego Bionicle figure Tahu. I have made a complete model of him in LDD to illustrate how I imagine such a set would be made. He comes equipped with a flame sword much like the original figure first released by Lego, a shield, and is colored in bright and dark red with gold fittings. He also comes in at just over 100 pieces, and takes advantage of Hero Factory pieces to make it easier to produce and more cost effective. 

I personally believe such a set would appeal to older fans of Lego, while providing some variety from the preexisting Hero Factory sets. I firmly believe that such a set would appeal to all fans of Lego. Although personally, I believe that it would make a great tribute to the Bionicle theme. I fully understand the rules and guidelines of Lego Ideas, and because of that I weighed my decision and chose to build Tahu, instead of any of the other Toa because Toa Tahu is the most recognized Bionicle figure besides Takanuva. I really want to bring this project to reality, so any and all Bionicle fans, please help me do it!

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