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Yeti's Cavern


Hidden away on a mountain side sits the Yeti's Cavern. Few have visited the Yeti's abode. Those who have like our frozen Skeleton have remained a resident. Yeti's Cavern is a home for everyone's favorite Snowman.

The idea was to create a playset for the Yeti and Minifigure Snow Characters. The set has a cavern opening with ice stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Scattered across the ground are ice stalagmites making for a cavernous scene.  Hidden on the grounds is the elusive ice diamond.  

Across the snowy grounds lies the Yeti's throne room. At the foot of the stairs sits the icy tomb of our Skeleton. Making for an interesting decoration. Two ice flames set the ambience of the Yeti's throne.  The Yeti's throne consists ice backing, and two ice waterfalls on both sides of the Yeti's throne. 

The set includes three minifigures Yeti, Mountain Climber, and a Skeleton. 

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