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Lego Police Station Moc

This is a custom built Lego police station moc.The exterior has a fire hydrant and a bush outside.Inside there is a coffee machine, spare chair to sit on, the reception desk with two officers chatting, there is a criminal being photographed and there is some plants outside the prison cell.The prison cell has a toilet, bed, and some weights.Also, there is some lights on top of the jail cell doors so if the criminal escapes there will a bit of a warning before he gets out of the police station.There is already a criminal inside the cell but there will also be an extra criminal as there has been another criminal arrested that is being photographed. there are two officers chatting by the reception desk.Also there is a siren outside of the police station moc that will automatically put the police station into lockdown so if there was a un-caught criminal then he will be locked inside the police station.Or if there is a zombie apacolyse then the building will automatically lockdown the hole building.The upstairs section has a balcony outside for officers to chat and have a break.Then inside is a corridor that leads to the balcony outside.Above the upstairs corridor has a helipad and a satellite dish for the internet connection.

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