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the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Library

This is the Lego Friends Heartlake City Library. I built it because I love legos, going to the library, and reading. This will make a great Lego set because there is no library for Lego Friends and it goes with the current sets. 

The set includes three minidolls: Olivia, Stephanie, and the librarian employee, Emilie. Out front is a green baseplate, and it acts as a grassy area, and is not attached to the library itself. On the left part of the green baseplate, there is a bike rack with a bike on it, and a helmet on the back. Next to that there is a pebbled pathway with some flowers on either side of it. On the right side, there are two benches to place your minidoll (minifigures, microdolls, or animals.) And in between the benches there is a water fountain. (GERONIMO!) And behind the bench farthest away from the door there are some birds eating eating bird food that I think, Emilie left out for them. (Ok, which one of you pooped on the bench?!) To your left as you walk in through the front door of the library is a bookshelf, and on the bottom of it there are books (‘cause duh, it’s a library,) and on the next shelf up there are cute pictures, and next to each one is a matching plant. There is also a yellow crate, which is a lost and found box. Inside it there is a water bottle, iPhone, sunglasses, and a key. (Oh, great I’m locked out of my house again!) Above the lost and found box there is a clock and picture. Next to that we come to another bookshelf that is roughly half the size of the first one, and on the bottom shelf like the first one there are just books, and above the first shelf there is another cute picture. Right off to the side of the smaller bookshelf there is yet another bookshelf. (Why am I not surprised?) Like the other two before it there are books on the bottom shelf, and on the top shelf, and on the top shelf instead of cute pictures there is a lamp, a decorative jar, and a plant. If we move over to the right we we’ll see an arts and crafts table for the kids. There are a few pictures some of the kids have finished, and there is one that one kid is currently working on. And under the table there is a spider! (Emilie really needs to sweep up under there more often!) And if we move over to the right a little we’ll find another table with two iPads for the kids. And in between the arts and crafts table and iPad table there is another bookshelf, books are on the bottom, and on the top shelf there is a decorative jar, and on the little roofing is a bag of bird food. (All the other shelves have roofing covering however long it is.) (No wonder the birds poop so much!) And next to the iPad table there is a bathroom. Inside the bathroom there is a mint colored toilet and a sink with a mirror behind it, and mint and blue colored floor tiles. If we back up a bit from the bathroom a bit, and turn around we’ll find another bookshelf. And on the bottom the books are in rainbow order, and at the end there is a brown book that is actually a title of a real book that my dad and I wrote. Anyway, on the next shelf up there is a pile of books, (that need to get put away!), a decorative jar, and a plant. Next to the bookshelf there two windows and in between the windows there is a nice comfy blue and white spinney chair, and next to it there is a floor lamp. Right beside that there is a fireplace. Next to that is a desk with two computers and two chair, and there is even a plant and sticky note in between the two computers. There is also a magazine rack in front of a display window that is next to the front door, and there is another one on the other side of the door. Finally, in the center of the of the building is a checkout desk. On the check out desk there is an iPad, book scanner, a bell, and a pile of books and magazines to check in. That’s the entire library. I hope you like it! If you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions you’d like to share please write them down below! 
Thanks and have a great day!

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