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Clash of Clans: Mini Scale Army Expantion



This is a recreation of the popular app/game Clash of Clans!

This set includes 145 pieces so it would be priced at 14.99 USA dollars. This set also includes:

  • A barracks
  • A dark barracks
  • A spell factory with lightning spell and ladle
  • 5 level 6 walls.
  • Goblin minifigure with sack and gold
  • Hog Rider minifigure with hammer and hog(due to current piece selection I couldn't make the rider ride the hog+ I tried and it looked ridiculous!)  

Sorry this extension is so late compared to the others. At least 1 more expansion is coming! 

Please like, support, and comment! Please give me feedback, no opinion is wrong!

Combine with the rest of the village!


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