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Red Robin & Alfred: Gates to Wayne Manor.

DC Comics Campaign

The single greatest thing that could happen to this project would be a posting on an official Batman page. So if you really want this to happen, please consider contacting
DC comics directly here.

Here is a message you can send them about our projects. Hopefully if enough people will send it in, they will post it to Facebook and Twitter!

"Hello DC comics! There is a fan campaign to create a Lego Wayne Manor ( ) As well as the Gates to Wayne Manor (

We realize that getting a set produced is a long shot, but please consider sharing this project with true Batman fans via your facebook and twitter feeds to help us get this project to the review phase and celebrate this homage to the world greatest detective."

Many of you are likely familiar with our "Assault on Wayne Manor" Project. Well, there is some content that we just felt could not fit in a single project with the Manor and it has built up enough to become its own stand alone project, thus we present:

Red Robin & Alfred: Gates to Wayne Manor.

Where the Assault on Wayne Manor project is, in effect, an homage to all the incarnation of Batman while attempting to never be to far from anyone's interpretation of Batman, with this project we wanted to celebrate celebrate the more "hard core" fans of Batman AND Lego...

There is a number of ways that we have done this.

• No Batman in this project. Lets face, it, if this is the type of project that appeals to YOU, you already have five Batman minifigs right?

• Red Robin. It is obvious why Lego goes with Robin figures all the time: Everyone knows who Batman is, and anyone who knows Batman, knows Robin. We think it is time that Tim Drake gets his time in the sun though. Serious fans understand that Nightwing/Dick Grayson is Batman's physical successor, but Red Robin/Tim Drake is "The Detective", Batman's mental successor.

• The Billionaire Lifestyle. There are two sides to Batman and the "Bat-family" The masked vigilante side is fully covered by the line of Lego products, but the role they play in open society has been almost entirely overlooked. In the comics, animations, and movies, Bruce and Co. use both sides of their personae to root out villainy. Thus in this project we reflect Alfred as the Chauffeur with a ready Towncar and Tim Drake in plain cloths.

The gates to Wayne Manor hold secrets of their own. Stashed away in its structure is Red Robins costume.

Accompanying this "costume" will be a clear minifig head with a domino mask printed on it. Such an element has been long desired by Comic/Lego fans for displaying a costume in a manner similar to the Jason Todd memorial.

One of the nice features of this set, is that although it is intended to included a Red Robin figure, it is not otherwise, overtly a "Batman" set. The elements of this set concept could play just as well with a variety of other characters.

Any city build could use a nicely uniformed chauffeur. As presented the torso might also work well for a Kato (of The Green Hornet). In a pinch it could also be used as a doorman at a fine residence.

Likewise, the Towncar can be used to class up any collection of vehicles on a street display and break up the monotony of "background cars" just like in real life when hum drum driving experience is suddenly livened up by the sight of a fully restored classic car.

As for the Gates and Fountain, these can find themselves in any urban or country landscape where a touch of elegance, sophistication, or security is desired. They could easily be the gates to an embassy for instance.

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