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Sports Car


This is a car I made when I was about 11 years old (I'm 17 now) and I found it a while ago. I decided to rebuild the model in LDD, to add some modifications and to smoothen up the design, because I don't have the right bricks to do so.

This model is about 27 cm long, 11 cm wide and 7 cm high. It's made out of give and take 700 pieces.

The model has room for minifigures, although this is incredibly out of proportion if you compare it with the minifigures size.

Although the LDD model is way smoother and detailed, I added the real life model I made myself for several reasons.

The first reason is bacisally to just show you guys what the model would be like in real life, so you have a better understanding of the proportions and overall look.

The second reason is because the convertible 'roof' has a different design than the one I made myself. Because of the fact that the part shown in the last picture (the black kind of 'forky' piece) is no longer available in LDD, I had to make another design for the roof at the back. I personally prefer the real life model's roof over the digital one, because it slides back.

I also included the real life model to show the motor I added in the real model. The digital model has no motor, but has the space to include one. In LDD, there was no motor part small enough to fit the car.

There is one small addition in the design of the car that is not entirely fit for a sports car, but I wanted to add it anyway. There's a kind of 'rocket launcher' I included to spicen up the design. It's retractable and when popped out, the roof can still be deployed back so that it doesn't have to keep standing up.

This car could come in various colours and designs, such as yellow with a black stripe and leather interior, but also the copped-out version in blue and with a white stripe, with added sirens on top of the roof.

The yellow LDD version was entirely made in normal LDD version, so all parts should be available. The blue one was made in LDD extended, so I'm not sure if the parts are all available or not, but I suppose they are.

I hope the community likes the project and I really hope to reach out to 10000 supporters.

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