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Modular Desk Organiser

I have always struggled to find the right desk organiser for myself. Available ones always have some features I don't require and often lack the features I want for my specific items. That is why I designed this concept as it allows me to create the perfect desk organiser. However, I understand that everyone has different needs and items that they want to store in their organiser so I decided to make It modular and customisable so individuals can set it up for their own items. I have created some modules that I think are cool and serve a general purpose but because of how simple the design is, it is easy to create something perfect for your own items.

I just want to share this idea as I think it is super useful and can be easily adapted or changed for when your items or needs change! I created mine in black as it suits my aesthetic but due to the sets simplicity it can be created in many different colours to suit your aesthetic and personality!

Even if this doesn't become a LEGO set I hope it inspired someone to create their own desk organiser!

PS: As we are all LEGO fans here, I created a minifigure and brickheadz display module :)

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