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Hubble Repair Mission

The Hubble Space Telescope has taken some of the most memorable and inspiring images of the heavens. For almost twenty five years it has broadened our understanding and deepened our knowledge of our Universe. There was a time though when all this capability and potential was almost lost. During it's construction there was a flaw in Hubble which would require space shuttle repair missions correct these flaws. On flights STS-61, STS-82. STS-103 and STS-109 the Hubble was captured and repaired and enhanced. In May of 2009, STS-125 successfully completed the last servicing mission keeping Hubble alive and well ensuring the discovery and learning doesn't stop.

This model features two astronauts working in tandem repairing the space telescope. During an actual repair mission, the telescope would be captured by the Space Shuttle's remote manipulator arm and brought into the cargo bay with it's solar panels retracted. For details there are several Hubble serviceable components including the Wide Field Camera which was replaced on the STS-125 mission.

Here's my first pass at the model.

After re-watching the movie Hubble 3D, which is about the STS-125 mission to save Hubble I tweaked the interior details a bit. There's a bit more playability now. It's really hard to reach up into this tiny Hubble and remove some of those circuits. Sadly I couldn't find a way to recreate all the screw Astronaut John Grunsfeld had to remove. I do have a removable handle (on the right) so that you can recreate Astronaut Mike "Mass" Massimino breaking it (on purpose!).

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