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Stamping Mechanical Press

A Mechanical Press is used for Stamping Metallic parts on a shape to be welded forming one Car Body. It is a heavy equipment with requires a Die Set with Parts Shape. There are Safety, Controls and Synchronizations requirements in order to make entire equipment to work

This Set is a scale model of a Single Tryout Press and can be used on Single Step Operations. It was build to showcase sub-systems, safety control and mechanical design.

The model consists of Main Press with Motor and Flywheel, Gear Train set, Slide with Height Adjustment, Bolster with Cushion Pins, and Die Set to Produce an Outer Door from Aluminum Foil.

There is also a Removing Parts Arm and Belt Conveyor. To power all motors, 2 Battery packs are required. Remote Control is used for Belt Conveyor, and Arm movement and Slide Adjustment.

Several openings and doors allows you to have access to design details and adjustments.

Using Technic motors and pneumatic connected to a compressor, this set can stamp aluminum foil into a door model. Video can be viewed on Youtube for Equipment Movement, Production Animation and Set Assembly at

Here is the video of this model working on a Stop Motion:

It is recognised as a Realistic Model by Engineers and People involved with Press Equipment and Automotive Industry. It received several requests to buy the built model, so once it is approved, anyone could buy it directly from Lego.

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