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The A.A.G. (Armored Assault Gunship)

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The A.A.G. is the highly manuverable transport/gunship of the Firebird Fleet (a new lego theme that I am in the making of trying to conceptualize.) Piloted by 6 individuals, the A.A.G. has weapons ranging from a heavy cannon, to bomb bays on the underside. The main engines in the back of the ship make it capable of traveling into and out of a planet's atmosphere and the 4 engines on the side allow it the manuverability needed for verticle take-off/landing and hovering. There is also room inside the ship for assault troopers, making the A.A.G. a suitable transport ship as well.

The front part of the ship comes apart and becomes a versatile defender ship. While the smaller ship is attached, the pilot of the larger ship controlls the main cannon on top of the ship. Once the ship detaches from the larger body, the pilot resumes control of the ship and the crew member right inside the doorway takes control of the main cannon.

The smaller ship has two cannons and a smaller gun seen in the front directly under the nose of the ship. This small fighter is fast and agile and is designed to repel small enemy fighters from attaking the ship.

There are bomb doors located on the underside of the ship to the left and right of the pilot silling in the bottom cockpit. These doors can be loaded with several barrels (doubling as explosives) or whatever the creator wishes to load in. The doors can be opened by moving an elbow piece to the 180 degree position and then closed by closing the doors and repositioning the elbow joint.

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