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Touring Cars


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This is a set based on Touring Car Racing. It could also be used for various others such as Grand Prix, Stock Cars or even Endurance Racing, all depending upon the chosen car to occupy each garage.

I do not have the knowledge/resources sadly to add custom stickers so I have created this set purely by use of existing parts within the Lego Digital Designer Software.

This is a Modular set, and can be broken down into several different parts, as seen in the photos.

Do you only want the Blue or Red Team? Then potentially you could get only those.

Do you want a small race set? Then how about getting two Team Sets, One Grand Stand, The Commentary/VIP Booth and a Start line with Race Control.

The Modular aspect can be broken down into the following:

  • Start Finish Line - 247 Bricks.
    • Commentary/Vip Booth
    • One Grand Stand (Each one is 76 Bricks)
    • The Start Finish Line With a small Race Control including 5 red lights like a Grand Prix Start, various flags and a winners Trophy.
    • 4 Mini Figures - Race Director, 2 Marshals and a Photographer.
      • Each Start Finish section alone is 61 Bricks.
  • Team Garage and Race Car - 197 Bricks.
    • Race Car itself.
    • Pit Garage with computer screens and various tools.
    • 4 Mini Figures - Team Manager, 2 Pit crew and a Driver.
  • Grandstand - 76 Bricks.
  • Start Finish Block - 61 Bricks.

A complete 6 car Grid would be a total of 1853 Bricks.

This would include -

  • 6 "Team Garage and Race Car" sets.
    • Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver and Yellow Teams.
  • 4 individual "Grandstands" sets
  • 1 "Start Finish Line" set.

Enjoy the set, and please support it :)


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