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On the planet Jakku wanders a strange man, called Teedo, looking for anything he can use. Carried by his semi-mechanical Luggabeast, his loyal companion. Than he spots a small robot, BB-8. He immediately decides to catch it with a net to take home. Unfortunately he can't hold on to the little robot for long, he encounters the female owner Rey. After a short struggle he decides BB-8 is not worth the fight. And Rey can liberate it from the net. 

This set is based on the trailers from Star Wars episode 7, The Force Awakens. I found a picture with description online. As the base for the Luggabeast I used the elephant, all but the tale and trunk (these should come with the set so you can also build an elephant). After that I built a frame on top of the elephant's back and a box around the head of the elephant, both secured on top and the bottom. 

The set features 100 parts, the parts for an entire elephant, 3 minifigs: Rey, BB-8 and Leedo. On top of the head is a hatch to which you can see the mechanics. The rear offers plenty of space to carry all the luggage you want.

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