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1987 Peterbilt 379


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Hey everyone!

Here’s another Lego build. It’s a highly customized ‘87 Peterbilt 379.

The Peterbilt 379 was a class 8 truck designed for highway use. It was developed in 1987 and produced until 2007, when it was replaced by the Peterbilt 389, which was basically a more updated version of the 379.

On this particular truck, I’ll start by talking about the exterior. As you can see, it has a lime green/black color scheme and has a lot of chrome. It’s common for custom semi trucks to have a lot of chrome, so I made sure that the mirrors, grill, exhaust stacks, fuel tanks, wheels, plus many more pieces of hardware were chrome. On the back, I added a fifth wheel hitch, so the truck can be compatible with trailers the same scale. Also, the rear fenders are the same lime green color as much of the truck. I also made the frame lime green, as it’s common on custom trucks for the frame to be painted or powder coated a color that matches the rest of the truck. 

Moving on to the interior, there is a large chrome steering wheel, a large dashboard, a chrome shifter, and two seats in the cab. Inside the flat top sleeper, there is a bed and a couple cabinets.

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my build! If you like it or if you think there’s something I could do better, let me know in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again!!

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