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Great White Tower of Hope


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Display this oriental, architectural masterpiece of the Great White Tower of Hope. Packed with elegant beauty and mass amounts of detail in every corner. It features a symmetrical tower with 8 square based winged guardians located around the tower and steps leading to the entrance. The Great White Tower of Hope is like no tower you have ever built before. Every section of this structure, from top to bottom, has subtle detail which can only be appreciated close up. 

  • The Great White Tower of Hope features an all white and transparent detailed exterior, all standing on slated tiled steps. The model features windows and transparent pieces throughout the model which allows the light to shine through and sparkle to add extra beauty.


  • The Tower features a 3 levelled structure. The bottom of the tower features 4 arched doorways to enter the tower topped with glass windows around the whole bottom structure. This is not a one dimensional structure. This Tower contains many different pieces positioned in every direction possible to create an alluring look and feel. White bricks used to create a classy and pure look to the model.


  • Base of the model features 8 squared based winged guardians surrounding the tower on the lower steps. There is a 3 step base which leads to the tower.


  • Display Piece. Elegant Piece ready to be displayed in any areas of the home, office or any place you could think of.


  • This set includes over 1400 pieces.
  • Measures over 12” (32cm) high, 8” (20cm) wide and 8” (20cm) deep


The reason for building this model is I had a full set of the architecture set plus some extra pieces brought previously and I wanted to see what sort of tower I could build using as many pieces as possible. I wanted to build the biggest, most elegant structure, I could with the pieces I had, which contained lots of detail that could be appreciated by all ages. There wasn’t any drawings or designs that I followed when making this model. I allowed my imagination to run wild and create what came to my mind. Everything was created through trial and error until it seemed right. In fact I didn’t think of putting it onto Lego Ideas until I finished the model. I really liked the look of it but more importantly it was some much fun to build that I wanted to share my experience with everyone!


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