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Portal 2 - GLaDOS' Chamber

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Oh... It's you. It's been a long time. How have you been?

Introducing the Aperture Science Enrichment Facility, complete with artificial intelligence cores, test elements, and deadly neurotoxin, now rendered in LEGO! This custom set idea recreates a selection of iconic settings and objects from Portal 2, with an articulated model of GLaDOS at its center, making a wonderful playset and display piece.

Portal has been one most critically and culturally acclaimed video games of the past decade, and has been as huge personal influence on my own upbringing and artistic style. With Valve's recent decision to delve into game development once more, now seems just an opportune time as any to celebrate this imaginative setting.

The Model

  • The center focus and original purpose for creating this model, is the LEGO depiction of the ever-sarcastic AI GLaDOS. My intention was to recreate the character in a scale somewhere between micro and minifig-scale, which would allow for the model to be both articulated and detailed, but also reasonably compact and easy to build. The end result was a pleasing combination of all criteria. It captures the elegant curves and mechanical design of GLaDOS, but remains structurally sound, poseable, and (approximately) minifig-scale. I went through quite a few re-designs for her, and I'm happy the outcome.

  • The model also features a simple yet detailed recreation of the Aperture facility setting., which acts as both a backdrop for display, and a set-piece for play. The design draws inspiration from a few settings within the game, mainly GLaDOS' overgrown chamber, and the test chambers encountered after her awakening, as well as the final chamber of the original game. I wanted to reproduce the ruined, overgrown aesthetic of the game, and decided to achieve this by mashing various setting together in a very Aperture-haphazard way.

  • Of course, included in the model are several elements encountered throughout the game. An actuated panel, button, heavy-weight button and gel dispenser all make an appearance, as does the companion cube and incinerator. To further add to the display of the model, these elements are modular and can be disconnected and reassembled to create your own arrangement of tests.

  • As part of design this model, I also wanted to incorporate mini-figs and character sub-assemblies. Chell (sporting her LEGO Dimensions decal) is an essential feature, but brick built models of both a turret and rocket-turret from Portal are also here too. And of course Whealty makes an appearance (a redesign of his LEGO Dimensions form), and can be connected to either his terminal, or GLaDOS' chassis.

Designing this model was an exciting challenge of mixing aesthetic design and structural engineering (yay!) that finished in what I hope is a really nice looking and fun idea. Encouraging people to take inspiration from their favourite stories, childhood experiences, or beloved media, and create some new, fun, and imaginative is a concept I feel should really be celebrated and shared, especially if it encourages other to do the same themselves.

So I can only hope that this model does the same for you. Enjoy!

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