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SWTOR The Tomb of Naga Sadow

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This set is based off of the Sith Warrior class in the computer game Star Wars the Old Republic. Here, you are a candidate to become the apprentice of Lord Baras. After catching his eye, he decides to have you claim Lord Naga Sadow’s lightsaber as your own, instead of his most prized candidate, Vemrin. The catch is that you have to take a prisoner, a Female Twi’lek by the name of Vette, who is the only one who knows how to enter Sadow’s tomb, despite being non-force-sensitive. Before you enter the tomb, you sense someone coming up behind you. Allowing him to draw near, you then turn around and knock him down. It’s Vemrin.

Vemrin then goes on to explain why he should be Baras’s apprentice, and then strikes.

Once you have defeated Vemrin, you climb up the stairs to Naga Sadow’s coffin. When you open it, you see his remains, and his lightsaber. You then take the weapon, and swing it around a few times. As you are leaving, however, you sense a disturbance. It seems Naga Sadow did not die without leaving a surprise.

Statues along the hall crumble, exposing entombed guardians. Here, you see one coming up behind one of the statues.

It is obvious that these guardians won’t let you by without a fight. Once you defeat them, you then must leave. Baras is waiting. And you mustn't keep your master waiting.

Here, we have the minifigures for the set. As with my present SWTOR sets, this set has collectable minifigures, which are to the right from the red figure: a Male Cyborg, a Female Human, a Male Pureblood Sith, and a Male Zabrak. The other minifigures to the left from the red figure are the other, fixed figures: Vette, Vemrin, the Entombed Guardians (2), and Naga Sadow.

I hope you like this set.

May the Force be with you.

Edition 2.0 Update, December 2, 2013. 13 supporters.
Additions: None. Image update.

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