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Herbalist / Alchemist's Cottage

Miss Chard the apothecary is an accomplished herbalist and apothecary, but also she is an artist, her cottage is covered with drawings and painting by her own hand, she whiles away many fine evenings practising her arts.
Baron Tusk was surveying his estate on foot with his entourage when he decided to take in the scent of some roses; unfortunately for him, it turns out he had not as he had originally thought grabbed a thorn when he grasped the rose, but a bee. The Baron, being allergic to bees, rushed to the Miss Chard for some ointment to aid his swollen hand.

So I really enjoyed the creation of my Grand Inn, but I wanted to build something a little smaller but still with intricate fancy patterning in the timber framing and a thatched roof, I started by choosing the shapes I wanted in a roof and then built from there incorporating the angled framing again but taking it much further than in my previous Ideas submission.
This build is more complex than the inn with extensive use of the 1x1 “cheese” wedge slopes with bricks with studs on their side incorporated in all the walls, tricky to look good while still being structurally sound, but I think ultimately I'm really happy and think it looks great, I hope you agree.

I had to add knights, I just can't make a medieval themed set without them, these are the Wild Boar faction, just one of the knight factions in the kingdom, they don't talk about that other guy from the series sets, he's the Baron's mean uncle, he doesn't get out much.
The Ground Floor; This is where Miss Chard paints, reads and cooks, plus tenders for some indoor plants and dries out some herbs for distilling. Features include a fireplace, basket of asparagus, painting desk with pots, brush canvas, pallet and a comfy looking chair and a sideboard with book stand complete with an open book on Mycology. There are some lanterns to keep the place lit at night (or on overcast days)
The 1st Floor; Access by stairs, contains another fireplace, a posable wooden skeleton, a drawing desk with some chalk, apothecary distillery, various potions / ointments and a low book case with some large tombs of knowledge. Also, there’s a frog (and behind the bookcase there is a month hiding away), candle and a torch for the posable skeleton to keep the place lit.
The 2nd Floor; Accessed by stairs, this is Miss Chard’s bedroom, along with her bed it contains a dressing table with a stool, crystal and a pot, a chest for storing her valuables, a bedside table with potted plant, and 3 mushrooms she is studying.

Outside; There is a Chicken run with a little hut for the chickens to sleep in, a lot of vegetables including trellises for beans, asparagus, squash and carrots. Also, outside if a cultivated mushroom patch, which provides Miss Chard with plenty of mushrooms for her work.
Minifigures - This set includes 3 minifigures.
1 Herbalist / Alchemist.
Baron Tusk (with swollen hand, helmet and shoulder armour accessories).
2 Foot Knights to travel with the baron.

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