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Disney Mulan's House - 25th Anniversary


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"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all"

Mulan is an epic story of a girl who tries to save her father from dying in battle, serving his country. Doing that, she takes his place and risk her own life, by disguising herself and run away from home at night. If she gets caught, she both dishonor her family and gets all them killed.

This movie was released back in 1998, and therefore next year in 2023 it has a 25-year anniversary.

This is a representation of the house Mulan and her family lives in. Here you are able to relive lots of great moments and memories from the movie, with tons of great small details hidden all around the property.
Everything from the closet with the father's armor, to the Easter "egg" breakfast, which is served by Mushu later in the campsite.
Even the great stone dragon's head can easily fall off the statue structure, and the last blooming flower (which represents Mulan) is both seen on the cherry blossom tree and in the water stream. In the spirit house, you can see some of the stones turning blue, indicating the spirits being woken up.

Mulan's dog "Little Brother" even has the attachment, with the stick and the bone, which drags a bag around the property with seeds for the chickens.

The different sections of the house are:
  • Main house.
  • Gate.
  • Spirit House.
  • Gateway wall and bench.
  • Bridge with water stream and stone lantern.
  • Cherry blossom tree.
  • Platform with the Stone Dragon.

The 5 minifigures in this set are:
  • Mulan (two outfits - regular and army).
  • Grandmother with Cri-Kee.
  • Mother (Hua Li).
  • Father (Hua Zhou).

The animals in this set are:
  • Mushu (Dragon).
  • Cri-Kee.
  • Little Brother (Dog) with chicken.
  • Khan (Horse).

This set was inspired by the 1998 movie, but since there's no exact design and structure of the resident, I didn't make it cohesive. This means, that you can arrange the different segments the way you want to. The key elements of their home are there, but you can envision it the way you feel like.

This movie is to me, one of the greatest movies Disney have ever made, both epic and beautiful. There are great characters, and you can relate to them very easily.

Thanks for reading and showing interest in this project. Make sure to "SUPPORT" and feel more than welcome to share it with your friends! Let's make this hit the shelves for the anniversary!

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