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Sports Car & Mini Sports Car


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This is my sports car coupe creation that it is designed with Lego Digital Designer. It is was designed after the mini version was made. Created to be a larger and more playable version similar to that of Lego's Mini Cooper set.  The car inspired by a couple of cars such as the Honda S2000 and Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ. Minor "aftermarket" additions such as front and side skirts, large trunk spoiler, aftermarket wheels, sport seats and dual exhausts.. Moving parts include seats, steering wheel (wheels do not move), doors, hood, and trunk can open. 

A non-modified version of the car removes all of the "aftermarket" additions. There is also a different seat color. The idea behind this is to give people a platform to create their own modified car, whether it could be a race car, rally car, show car, etc.

There are no illegal connections or flexible parts used in this model. 

  • 31 studs long.
  • 14 studs wide.
  • 715 pieces. 

The mini sports car can fit a mini figure and was created before the larger version. The idea was to design new cars that looked sporty and fun. No movable parts (besides wheels) are in the mini version. 

  • 15 and a half studs long.
  • 8 studs wide.
  • 159 pieces.


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