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Classic Firetruck

Today I'm here to present the classic firetruck. This 1150 brick LEGO Creator styled set depicts one
50-60's era firetruck. This old-timer is well maintained during its lifetime, and it shows, all the chrome is still shiny and looks as good as new. All the chrome and the red and white paint-job really make this machine a beauty to behold.

Features a firetruck with:

  • Telescopic crane-ladder on the roof.
  • Control panel for crane-ladder and pump.
  • Fire hose's and a nozzle 
  • A V6 engine underneath the cabin.
  • Fully furnished cabin.
  • Horns and flashing lights.
  • Backwards hinging doors.

Almost all of us had a firetruck when we were kids - and if not - you certainly played with one at least once. This set brings forth a sense of nostalgia, and is certainly a joy to look at.
I hope you guys enjoy this LEGO IDEA, it certainly was fun to create!

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