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The Fortress


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The Fortress is an abandoned lookout tower that was used centuries ago by the medieval people. From the outside, it looks like a fallen apart, crumbling lookout tower that has been overgrown with weeds and vines. A ladder hangs by the final hinge and a single board waits to fall from the nail the keeps it there. Inside the barrel at the top, there is an ancient ax used for defense (if needed). In the bottom barrel is a skull from bodies that once were live. A rat explores the interior as well. On the second floor is a skeleton hanging from chains guarded by a large spider. There is a small puddle of water being constantly fed from the ceiling.


In other words, this is an old, abandoned fortress with a lot of detail. I hope you enjoy it and (someday maybe) will enjoy it! Thanks to the people who read the story/description of the set. Your support can go a long way. Many thanks!

Huw Miller

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