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Subnautica Below Zero Ice Worm Leviathan


New Minifigure!

- Now with a custom minifigure and a custom scanner part.

- I will try to rework the model of the scanner and add colors to it and maybe make a custome part of a PDA.

- Hope you will enjoy the desing.

- If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know. I would answer it with pleasure.


New tail model

sorry, when i post the update, the pictures did not get published. here they are.


Link for the builing guide

Following many requests, I created a building guide to help you build the leviathant. (some parts are not or are no longer available in certain colors or no longer exist.)
I also reworked the tail to make it more representative of the original.
I hope you like the new l.viatant tail design and enjoy the building guide. (It took me 3 days to do. I hope it will be up to it.)

Building guide : CLICK HERE