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Simple Residence


A simple residence with garage. This project was an attempt allow a garage in a modular compatible format, and furnished with everything I’d ever want in my own home. What’s the point of making your minifigure a fancy car if he has to leave it parked in the street? 

I spent some time in Mongolia this summer and noted that they have  underground parking for nearly every building in the city. Realizing the challenge of building underground, I tried to mimic this effect as best I could by raising the first landing. The next challenge is the layout; Do I leave the front entrance or the second landing higher to level the next floor? Do I squish the entrance to make the garage wider, allowing for bigger cars? I could utilize the bathroom space to make a workshop off the garage or a home entrance, or put a garden in the back! 

I’d really like to see Lego release a commercial modular with some form of parking beyond a meter, like Fire Brigade. Comment what you think of this one and please leave feedback! 

Happy Building!

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