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Mole Antoneliana, Turin, Italy


The Mole Antoneliana, Turin, Italy.

The symbol of the city and daring construction was begin in 1862 by Alessandro Antonelli as a Jewish temple; after a suspension, work resumed in 1878 with the construction above the vault of a granite chamber, on which rest a lantern with two floors and therefore a high cone that transforms from a square plan in circular. A panoramic elevator leading to the temple under the spire, which offers a beautiful view of the city and surrounding mountains. The Mole currently houses the National Museum of Cinema.

The passion was born and just do not have a reason, can have an answer, as the realization of their ideas, and the ability to freely unleash the manufacturer which is in all of us. Building Lego is the passion that comes from those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world ... with a single brick.

This set can not miss the collection of any collector Lego, it's like if the Mona Lisa's smile was missing. The set of one of the most famous World skyline is part of every endless collection of bricks.

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