Product Idea

Jungle Explorers

This project is dedicated to all explorers who have ventured into the middle of the jungle and have brought new knowledge to humanity about past civilizations. In particular, I focused on the respect that these ancient populations had for nature and curiosity in observing the stars.

I have tried to make these ruins as alive as possible, even if they have been abandoned by man for centuries. I gave importance to aspects like the roots of the trees, the flow of water, the wild green of the jungle and the "landlords": the monkeys. It's a dynamic environment!

Also, I really liked the sense of mystery when I created the inside of the cave, paying attention to details like crystals and typical animal life. I am a lover of secret places and I tried to create an uncontaminated and intimate atmosphere.

The color of the temple is inspired by the ancient ruins of a particular reddish color found in Cambodia. Furthermore, I have included some golden details, related to these regions, inside the structure.

The exploration team consists of an experienced man who is holding a map, a woman with a passion for photography, and a guy who is trying to get his hat back from a nice monkey who took it.

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