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Red Arrows Folland Gnat

The Folland Gnat was the original faithful steed of the Royal Air Force aerobatic team, the Red Arrows. Initially sporting a yellow colour scheme when they were first used by the Yellowjacks performance team, the aircraft were eventually painted in red after all RAF performance teams were combined to form the Red Arrows. In 1979, the ageing Gnats were finally replaced with BAe Hawks, which the Red Arrows still use today.

About the model:

I must say that this was a most challenging build! I insisted on having retractable landing gear, which as most Lego jet builders will know, is fairly difficult to include due to space restrictions at minifig scale. It was also tough trying to fit the two minifies into the cockpit tub. Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the results and hope you will support this project.


  • Fully retractable landing gear
  • Fits two whole minifigs
  • A stand can be included
  • 305 parts (including minifigs)
  • Now you can put on a Red Arrows aerobatic display over your Lego city!

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