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Semi Truck With Thermo King Trailer

As long as I can remember I loved trucks. In my childhood watching them driving down the road, there was always this feeling of longing. "What a great life" I thought to myself. In the morning in one place, by nightfall hundreds of miles in another no matter of direction. "Trucker romantic", not knowing how hard the life of a truck driver really is.

Now grown up, family man, my love for the "Kings of the Road" has not stopped. These days when I meet them on my daily commute on the highway the thought crosses my mind "If I see it on the highway, I can certainly build it out of Lego", my 10 year old son reaps the benefits of it. Currently we provide home to a fleet of 40 to 50 semi trucks; different colours, different shapes, different loads.

My creation is a semi truck with thermo king twin axle trailer. I tried to pay particular attention to the cooling unit at the front of the box trailer and its container doors.
This build would surely be a great addition to any Lego layout.

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