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Blue Wolf Defensive Unit


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I built this after seeing an image of an orange robot by Mitsuru Nikaido online; it was so impressive yet I could see how a lot of it was made; I could see some of his techniques. Honestly, mr. Nikaido, if you ever read this, you should really post more of your awesome robots, not just your mech animals series. Anyways, I tried emulating his style, but I only got to the lower arms before I realized two things: one, if I built his robot I couldn’t post it, and it’s more fun to build something on your own, and two, all I understood was the arms. So I deviated from his design but used his idea as inspiration. I finished the robot a while before posting this, but then I lost it in my Legos and it broke. So I had to rebuild some of it. Which turned out for the best; I really did not like the upper torso design, as it was too tall and rolled around on a ball joint I used for the waist. So I remodeled the body. But then I didn’t like the head design, so I scrapped that as well and ended up with the current version. Honestly, I would have preferred a head that looked more like a Gundam head or the type of head you see on one of Mitsuru Nikaido’s robots, but I’m okay with the head it has now.

So that’s how and why it was made, but what can it do? It has poseable arms, legs, ankles, toe-ish things, elbows, twists at the waist, and a moveable head. It has a sword it can hold in the clips that serve as “hands” and two large guns on each hand. It also has a jet pack. So to wrap this up, thank you Mitsuru Nikaido for the inspiration, and please support and share my project. Thank you.

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