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Gullwing-door Supercar


This Lego Ideas submission is about a simple, enjoyable creation. It's a modern gullwing-doored supercar with some details and features. Apart from the big gullwing-doors it has a retractable spoiler activated by a hidden button in the roofline, a quad-exhaust and detailed interieur with yellow racing seats fitting to the yellows accects resembled by the racing stripe down the middle as well as the wing mirrows.

I love cars as well as Lego, just like many people do, so I decided to combine these passions to one. Starting off with a 3D model using LDD and the use of rather common parts I tried making the best sportscar using certain aspects from many popular reallife vehicles I have small models of. 

Due to the rather slim amount of modern cars built of system bricks inside the current Lego world I believe, lots of people would love to see something like this becoming a real thing. The combination of the old fashioned gullwing doors and the modern looks and features can make for a new and interesting type of creation!

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